Thank you Hampton Hall Charitable Fund

The Board of the Hampton Hall Charitable Fund granted funds to Second Helpings for fuel to keep our trucks rolling. Second Helpings’ nine refrigerated trucks supply 80 percent or more of the food distributed to people facing food insecurity in three counties. The food is picked up from food donors and distributed FREE OF ANY FEES! Second Helpings is the only local nonprofit organization rescuing food in the lowcountry. Support your local agencies that help your neighbors. Thank you Hampton Hall!

Congratulations to Palmetto Bluff – Recipient of the Founder Award

Special THANK YOU to Palmetto Bluff, recipient of the Founder Award for Financial Support 2017.  Palmetto Bluff is a special supporter of many nonprofits in the lowcountry, including Second Helpings.  Second Helpings has received over $100,000 in financial support from Palmetto Bluff. Pictured here is Courtney Hampson, marketing manager at Palmetto Bluff with Jan Malinowski, president of Second Helpings LC.  This picture was taken at SHARE THE BOUNTY, held Thursday, September 21.  Thank you Courtney and PALMETTO BLUFF.