Caring for our Elderly

The Lucky One..

Imagine, you are all alone and scared.  The only connection with the outside world is the daily news.  That’s even more scary. You visit with family and friends on Facetime.  That is, when you can get it to work. You are 93 years old, residing in an independent facility and your meals are being left on a chair outside your door to support “social distancing.”  

In your entire lifetime, this is the first time you’ve experienced anything like this.  You remember World War II, but you were just a young spirited teenager so you had little knowledge of what was really going on.  All you knew is that the local roller skating rink was waiting for you and the young soldiers looked so handsome.

You are luckier than some and you know it.


Those Not So Lucky…

There are hundreds of seniors and elderly people locked down in their homes with little food and no outside contact.  They wait for a good samaritan to bring them a meal from the local food pantry.  They depend on that food to stay healthy. 

One local agency in Beaufort is supplying meals daily to 56 seniors near them and conducting a wellness check.  The agency volunteers receive the frozen meals once a week and deliver them daily. Won’t you help us, help them feed their older neighbors? Make a donation to Second Helpings of $56 or $112 and we will know where you want us to spend your gift. It will support the effort to feed our elderly neighbors. Visit today. 

Second Helpings Office Administrator Practices Safe Distancing with NLAWS Order


Bruce Algar, office administrator for Second Helpings, followed the new Safe Distancing Protocol on Thursday abling six agency representatives to take delivery of much needed fresh protein.  Bruce met the NLAWS truck in the Walmart parking lot in Hardeeville, sorted orders and guided the agency representatives to claim their food order.

Pictured here is Constance Martin Witter, of Bluffton Soup Kitchen taking delivery.  These deliveries were made possible through generous individual donations for COVID-19.  Thank you, Bruce and agency representatives, so much for your hard work and teamwork.

Picking Up Plantings for Spring’s Harvest – Fresh Produce Ready to Grow

Kelley Eby, our North of the Broad Coordinator, helped Dave Dempsey of Dempsey Farms on St. Helena Island on Wednesday, pick up 350 plants for the spring and summer harvest.

Second Helpings, in partnership with Dempsey Farms, grows healthy food offerings and share the bountiful harvest with Second Helpings to deliver to local food pantries.

Thank you, Dave and Kelley, for planning for the months ahead.